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The firm's founder and president Joe Whitcomb's first fight for veterans' disability benefits was his own. When he was medically discharged from the military, he did not anticipate the challenges he personally experienced in obtaining his veterans' disability benefits.

But that is precisely what happened. 

In the end, Joe was awarded his disability benefits, but not before five years, three remands, and two hearings had passed. Fortunately for Joe, by the time his appeal was half over, he had graduated from law school and had applied his knowledge and training in researching the law and forming his legal arguments. 

We have helped hundreds of veterans – from obtaining their disability benefits and appealing their ratings - to veteran-owned businesses wanting to start their own business and become SDVOSB certified to bid and win government contracts. Learning from his own experiences, going through the CVE certification process and fighting his own case with the federal government, Joe  has devoted his time and talents to help veterans in their business endeavors by starting his own law firm.  We know from experience that challenges await and the Veterans Advocacy Law Group to be there for you along the way. 

For Veterans, By Veterans

We are determined to defend you at All costs 
– because you deserve it. 

Whatever the claim, Joe and his team of veteran attorneys are ready to help veterans like you and your families get through the morass of government paperwork and the endless appeals and hearings. 

Joe is also one of a few attorneys authorized to practice in front of the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC). The CAVC is the Court within the Judicial Branch with the authority to review cases denied by the Board of Veterans' Appeals (BVA).

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